Home Equity: How to Use It

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Home Equity: How to Use It

A refinance pays off your current mortgage and gives you cash based on your equity. This is a great way to lower or lock in your mortgage interest rate and get large sums of money. You may have to pay closing costs; discount points; appraisal fees; loan processing fees; document fees; origination fees; funding fees; loan broker fees; and miscellaneous other fees.

A home equity loan (second mortgage) is good for homeowners who don’t need quite as much cash and whose mortgage interest rate is already competitive. The term is usually 5 to 15  years. These installment loans are paid out in one lump sum, so they’re good for repaying debt or remodeling projects, or if it makes sense, even making a big purchase.

A home equity line of credit works like a credit card – you agree to a pre-set limit and then borrow as you need to, or in the event of an emergency, usually for up to 10 years. These are good for debt consolidation, major home improvements, college tuition and expenses, and unexpected expenses. Make sure there’s a cap on your variable interest rate. A home equity line of credit shouldn’t be used for frivolous luxury items, unless it’s a one-time purchase and not a pattern of behavior.

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